Sunday, June 24, 2012

Savory Stuffed Banana Peppers

Lazy Sunday afternoons...I just love them.  Late breakfast with coffee, reading and resting.  Around 3pm it's always time for an afternoon snack.  Sunday nights I always cook a meal my son adores - so I have to get my fix of something I can eat and I don't dig into what he's having.  Having a teenage boy is challenging - they are hungry every 3 hours, kinda of reverting back to baby days.  Except they eat the entire house!

Since I was making spaghetti for my son this evening, I decided to use ground turkey I had on hand and mix up a stuffing for some banana peppers that were needing to be used up.  I sauteed some red onions, garlic and ground turkey, added some fresh rosemary and diced tomatoes then let it simmer for about 30 minutes on low. 

I cut off the top of the banana peppers and pulled out the seeds.  Then I stuffed it with the meat mixture.  Sprayed them with some olive oil and threw them on the grill until they were charred on each side.  That's it - Sprinkled some crumbled goat cheese on it.  It was super tasty and just the right amount of food late in the day.  

I've learned that cooking healthy doesn't mean you have follow recipes and go out and buy a big list of ingredients.  Use what you've got - make it work!  Learning to cook without recipes is the key to making your life easy.  


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