Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pan Fried Tacos

Gluten free living doesn't mean you have to give up everything!  Living in Texas we love our Mexican food.  Fresh Avocados, homemade salsa and hand fried tacos for dinner.  Very satisfying...

Look for all corn tortillas and check the ingredients to make sure that your getting healthy ingredients and not lard.  For this dish  I used ground bison that was supposed be a hamburger patty but I decided to crumble it up and use it as taco meat filling.  I browned it in a cast iron skillet (thank you mommie) and some diced red onions.  Then I added my homemade Sazon Seasoning (which means seasoning in Spanish).  It's a mixture of whole Cumin and Coriander Seeds toasted then ground fresh and combined with Smoked Paprika, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and Garlic Powder.  Being able to control the ingredients in my seasoning is key.  There are a lot of packaged seasonings that have hidden wheat gluten and extra preservatives that I don't want in my food.  This Sazon Seasoning is very flavorful and better than any little packet of taco seasoning you get at the grocery store.

Then I added some of my homemade authentic Fire Roasted Mexican Salsa that I made over the weekend.  I roasted on the grill some ripe Roma Tomatoes, Onions, Jalapenos and Garlic Cloves.  Then I processed it in my food processor, added some Chipotle Sauce, Fresh Cilantro and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.  De-lish!  This sauce is great to add a little punch to the meat while it's cooking.

Then to make the tacos, just take a warmed White Corn Tortilla, fill it with the Ground Bison or Beef mixture (you can use ground turkey too if you feel like it) and toss in some dairy free cheese.  If you have to have cheese.  If not, leave it out.  You probably wont even miss anyways!

In a saute pan, add some coconut oil and fold the taco over in half.  Place it in the saute pan and cook on each side until until it's browned.  Transfer to a paper towel too blot off any excess coconut oil.  

Serve with fresh Avocado, Cilantro and more Fire Roasted Mexican Salsa!

Sazon Seasoning
Yields 5 oz Jar

3 Tablespoons        Coriander Seed, Whole
3 Tablespoons        Cumin Seed, Whole
3 Tablespoons        Smoked Paprika
2 Tablespoons        Garlic Powder
3 Tablespoons        Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Fine Ground

In a small sauté pan over medium heat add coriander and Cumin Seeds.  Toast seeds to bring out their essential oils.  Watch carefully so they don’t burn and move the pan around to keep the seeds moving so they are not exposed to too much heat on one side.  

Once they are toasted grind them in a mortar or coffee grinder.  Transfer to a bowl and add remaining ingredients.  Mix together well and store in a jar in a cool dark place.  This will keep for months.

 Fire Roasted Mexican Salsa
 Yields 2.5lbs

12        Tomatoes (I prefer Roma since they are usually ripe and firm)
3         Jalapenos, Fresh Whole
1         Chipotle Pepper
1 c       Fresh Cilantro, Stems Removed
3         Garlic Cloves
½ tsp   Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Over a hot grill roast the Tomatoes and Jalapenos until completely charred.  Transfer to a food processor and add the Garlic, Chipotle Pepper, Cilantro and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.  Process until chunky.



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