Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Roasted Beet & Grilled Sweet Potato Salad

This week I'm focusing on the value of food that I put in my mouth.  I mean, have you ever stopped before you shove something in your mouth and asked yourself "What value does this bring to me when I eat it?"  If you haven't, maybe you should.  It's a simple little challenge that has a big impact.  

Stop, look at what your eating and if it's processed food, high in fat, has no nutritional value, then maybe you should be saying to yourself...."Back away from the Devil..."  Really...Bad food is really the Devil and if you fall into the arms of Devil you fall right into the place he wants you to be...addicted.

I love to grill Sweet Potatoes and the other day I had some beets so I wrapped them in foil and put them on the top shelf of the grill at 400 degrees.  It took about 30 minutes to  roast and then I peeled a sweet potato, sliced it into 1" thick slices, tossed them with Avocado Oil, sprinkled a little Himalayan Pink Salt and fresh cracked Black Pepper on them and grilled them on each side until there were grill marks and they are still slightly firm.  

I mixed up a vinaigrette with Dijon Mustard, Champagne Vinegar, Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar, Avocado Oil and seasoned it with Himalayan Pink Salt and fresh cracked Black Pepper.  

When the Beets were done roasting, I peeled off the skin, diced them and then I cut the Sweet Potatoes in half and sliced up some Red Onion.  While the Beets and Sweet Potatoes were still warm, I tossed them in the vinaigrette and then tossed in a little chopped fresh Cilantro leaves, chopped Walnuts and a little Goat Cheese crumbles.
OK - this is probably my new favorite salad!  It's crunchy, sweet, salty, sour and fresh.  Packed with nutrients and fiber and incredibly filling.  I ate it with a piece of grilled chicken and ended up eating only the salad and didn't want the chicken.  

The next day I took the rest of it to work and it was a great lunch that stayed with me all day which is exactly what I need when I work around all kinds of food that doesn't bring good nutritional value to me.  

So next time you take a bite - ask yourself...


You will be surprised to see how you feel when you eat it if doesn't.

Thanks for stopping by...Stormy

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