Monday, July 9, 2012

Killer Fried Rice at Home

Have you noticed how take out Chinese food doesn't taste as good as it did years ago?  I don't know if it's just me or if I have become a bit of a food snob.  Not intentionally, but I think that a lot restaurants don't focus on quality and working in the industry I know how incredibly important it is to be consistent.  I remember take out fried rice used to be so good.  Lately it seems to be not seasoned well or stir fried enough.

Instead of calling take out, I decided to make a healthy version of fried rice and I have to say...It was KILLER!  This fried rice recipe was a concoction made guessed it...ingredients that needed to be used up.  I had some brown rice and chicken left over from a meal I had made for my son last night.  I had a few brussel sprouts left from my salmon dish I made the other day, some green onions that were going to go bad so I decided to make up a fried rice.

I have also been omitting wheat from my diet, so soy sauce wasn't used.  But I still got incredible flavor by using a substitute soy alternative called Coconut Aminos made by Coconut Secrets.  First let me tell you that it doesn't taste like coconuts.  It's actually the sap from the coconut tree that is highly nutrient that exudes from the coconut blossoms.  The sap is extremely low glycemic and is an abundent source of amino acids, minerals and vitamin C.  It's produced in small batches to ensure that the organic coconut aminos are kept in a raw state to remain enzymatic as a live product so it never exceeds the temperatures of the tropics.  It has a lot less sodium than regular soy sauce.  It's seasoned with an unrefined, unbleached sea salt that comes from the exotic tropical island called Mindanao in the Philippines that is hand harvested.

One thing that I had to do was add just a little more of my all time favorite Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and it was perfect.  I highly recommend giving this a try.  

I only added a little bit of rice and bulked up on the other ingredients.  You can add any vegetables you have on hand. But I really have to say...I loved the brussel sprouts in it. 

The rice needs to be cooked the day before or at least a few hours before and cooled completely in the refrigerator.  If you try to make fried rice with fresh rice it doesn't turn out right. 

Killer Fried Rice at Home

2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 Cup Brown Rice (cooked day prior)
4 oz Chicken Breast, Cooked Sliced Thin
1 Organic Egg
2 Tbsp Water
6 Brussel Sprouts, Shredded
2 Green Onions, Chopped Divided 
1/2 Tsp White Pepper (important ingredient for great flavor)
Coconut Aminos, Soy Free Seasoning Sauce (to taste)
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (to taste)
Fresh Cilantro, Chopped (garnish)
Almonds, Chopped (garnish)

In a medium saute pan, cast iron skillet or wok, add Olive Oil and saute Brussel Sprouts and half of the green onions until translucent.

Add Brown Rice and sliced Chicken Breast.  Saute in pan until rice starts to caramelize a bit.  Add some Coconut Aminos, White Pepper and season a little more with some Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.  

In a small bowl, crack the Egg and add the water.  Break up the yolk and wisk in the water.  Make a hole in the center of the rice and add some of the egg.  Let it cook a little bit, the move around in the pan to distribute through the rice.  Repeat the process until all of the egg is incorporated.

Remove from heat.  To serve, add chopped fresh Cilantro, the remaining Green Onion and chopped Almonds.



  1. Sister!! oh my, I love fried rice and so happy you have an alternate for soy sauce :) keep teaching me o' wise one! xo

  2. Hi Sister...this is a good one! Love xxoo Stormy