Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Secret Life of a Coconut

What if I told you that you could help heal your body, lower your blood pressure, speed up your metabolism, help prevent heart disease, dissolve kidney stones, balance blood sugar and control diabetes, enhance your immune system, protect your skin and gain a youthful appearance all by consuming coconut products?  

Would you believe me?

 Ah…the Coconut!  Did you know that coconuts can produce a variety of edible products that can help transform your health?  If you notice lately, there is a lot more buzz about coconuts; from the meat, water, cream, milk and my favorite…the oil.  But there are other products such as flour, sugar, aminos, and vinegar.

Coconut Meat - is the white edible portion of the seed.  Fresh coconut meat spoils quickly so that is why we usually see the meat shredded and dried.  However most shredded coconut has sugar added.  But the unsweetened coconut usually sold in health food stores is better for you and can be used in a variety of recipes.  

Coconut Water - The liquid inside the young coconut is the coconut water before they mature.  This water holds many nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.  Plus there is potassium and it’s low in sodium. Coconut water is an isotonic solution which replaces the fluids and minerals that the body loses during physical activity.  It’s a better sports drink after exercising and comes in a cans or tetra packs.  Replace this for sugar flavored juices for kids and they will go bananas over how refreshing it is and Mom’s will feel better giving these to their kiddos throughout the day.  It can also help reduce urinary and kidney stone problems if consumed regularly.  It’s great a reducing vomiting and is a wonderful beverage for a hangover.

Coconut Sugar – Becoming known as one of the best natural sweetener that is non-toxic.  It is a whole food that is derived from the sap that drips from the coconut flower which is grown organically.  It is unrefined and not highly processed such as brown or other sugars.

Coconut Milk – The liquid that comes from the meat of the coconut.  It comes in cans for pina coladas and Thai curries.  But these days, coconut milk also can be found in cartons in the milk aisle in pints, half gallons, yogurt, coffee cream and my favorite…Ice cream!

Coconut Aminos – A soy free seasoning sauce made from the sap of the coconut tree. It comes directly from the tree so it’s active, alive and filled with nutrients.  It’s blended with a mineral rich sun dried sea salt and aged but fermented.  

Coconut Vinegar – Derived from the sap of a coconut blossom.  An abundant source of 17 amino acids, vitamin C, minerals, B vitamins has a nearly neutral pH.  It is unheated, enzymatic live product that is naturally aged for 8-12 months.

Coconut Flour – Raw coconut flour is made in small batch from unheated coconut meat and is dried using a tumbler drying method.  Its gluten free, low in carbohydrates and actually lowers the calorie content in food.  It contains 40% dietary fiber promotes lipid oxidation which helps to burn fat, aids in digestive health and balances blood sugar levels.  Use in baking, to thicken sauces or as a supplement to super-boost fiber content in your morning smoothies.  It’s best if it is blended with a ratio of ¼ cup coconut flour to ¾ cup almond flour. 

Coconut Oil – By far the healthiest oil you can consume and my personal favorite for skin care and cooking.  It has been a staple in tropical cultures for thousands of years.  It promotes your heat health, supports your immune system, aids in managing weight loss, promotes a healthy metabolism, is an energy booster, kills disease-causing bacteria, keeps your skin looking youthful and healthy and supports proper functioning of your thyroid gland.  It’s an excellent replacement for butter and nightime moisturizer for your face!

This amazing gift from God is the key to help you transform your health.  So next time you run to the store for one of these essentials, replace it with a coconut product and start reaping the benefits of coconut cures.

Get crazy for Coconut!

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