Saturday, August 11, 2012

Missing the Beach!

I miss waking up in this beautiful beach house to the sounds of waves crashing close to the shore.  Laughing and cooking - enjoying a nice cocktail.

The beach, who doesn't love the beach?  Yesterday was the hottest it's been this summer in Dallas 108 degrees!  It's enough to make you wanna cry for a real vacation.

So if you can't go, then at least try to recreate some good food to make you feel like you went on a mini mind trip!

Have your own Luscious Lobster and Crab Claw Boil in your own backyard.  Grab a big pot, go to your favorite fish monger and purchase the best quality Lobster and Crab Claws you can find.  Lots of bright Lemons, Old Bay Seasoning, Coconut Oil, fresh Cilantro or Basil, Lemongrass and Garlic.

In your big pot, add water and sliced lemons with old bay seasoning.  Then add your lobster tails and crab claws.  Bring to a low simmer and cook until the your shell fish are bright red.  It should take about 30-45 minutes on a low simmer.  You don't want to cook these too fast.  Remember, you want them luscious not rubbery.

In a small pan over a low heat, melt 1 cup of coconut oil, add chopped fresh garlic, chopped lemongrass and wait until you smell the wonder of that mixture.  Then transfer to a bowl just prior to serving. 

Remove the shellfish from the pot and put on a large platter.  Grab a lot of paper towels and something to crack the shellfish with to reveal that luscious meat.  Put something on the table to protect it because you will make a mess, guaranteed.

Add the fresh herbs to your coconut oil mixture and season with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and fresh Cracked Black Pepper.    Crack and dip!

Dig in...

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