Monday, October 1, 2012

Fireroasted Blackbean & Veggie Soup

This past weekend was great - It rained all weekend and for Dallas that was something unexpected after such a long hot summer with barely any rain to wet the ground.  The combination of cooler weather and rain was such a treat it made me crave some soup.  Grab a book and snuggle on the couch!

Here is a quick and easy hearty soup that you can throw together in less than 30 minutes!  All you need are some essential pantry items and this can be made quickly without a lot of effort which is perfect for when you come in from work and need something hearty and quick.   I was surprised that my son enjoyed it so much.  More ways to get more vegetables into a teenager without them realizing what your doing!

I just happened to have some cooked quinoa in the refrigerator that needed to be used up so I added it to the bottom of the bowl and then put the soup over the top.  So this was a really filling soup.

Fire Roasted Black Bean & Veggie Soup

1 Can Black Beans, Drained

32 oz Chicken, Vegetable or Beef Stock
12 oz Fire Roasted Picante Sauce
1 Zucchini Diced
1 Squash Diced
1/2 Cup Cilantro, Chopped
1/4 Cup Red Onion Diced Fine (garnish)
Tofutti Sour Cream (Dairy Free Sour Cream)
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (to taste)
Black Pepper (to taste)

In a sauce pan, add black beans, stock, fire roasted picante sauce and diced zucchini and squash.  Bring to a low simmer and cover.  Cook for 20 minutes or until zucchini and squash are cooked.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with a dollop of Tofutti sour cream, chopped cilantro and diced red onions.

Pick up these items for a quick and meal anytime.


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