Friday, October 5, 2012

Nothing Fair...About the Fair!

October…In Dallas is the State Fair of Texas.  It’s a BIG event that many look forward to each year.  Me, on the other hand think there isn’t anything fair about the fair.  The cost of rides and entertainment is outrageous, the food is downright awful and for some reason they have decided that we have a Deep South food group to have fried foods…all kinds of fried foods and we aren’t just talking corn dogs my friends.

This morning I caught the news and they were featuring…drum roll please

Fried Girl Scout Cookies!

Yes, you heard that right - Deep Fried Semoa's.  Now I know that a good Girl Scout Cookie shouldn't be any harm if you only eat one or two right?  They are tasty.  But to take an already 45% fat cookie and then deep fry it…it’s just wrong on so many levels.

The Samoa Cookie serving size is (2 cookies)

40 Calories and 7 grams of Fat

1 Gram of Fat  = 9 Calories

And according to Susan Powter’s Fat Formula! (love her)   

That comes out to 45% fat before those suckers are even fried!  So I can only imagine how much fat they have once fried. 

Not to mention that we are taking a cookie that these little girls sell for money to support their program and wrap them in pie dough and fat ass it up more by deep frying it and then finishing with another drizzle of caramel and chocolate!   

It is possible to make food that's fun to eat and make it healthy.

Sounds like The State Fair of Texas could use a challenge -

To start offering a contest on Healthy Foods instead of trying to find everything they can put in the deep fryer.  What's wrong with people?

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