Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's wrong with this picture? Pink...

Well...You can tell it's October and it's time to start seeing PINK!

I'm not sure which is more disturbing...A Pink for the Cure KFC Bucket or the Nicki Manaj Necklace!  Nicki proved that she is a joke by the way she acted on American Idol when she got all "gangster" with Mariah Carey at the judges table.  Thanks for the I know I'm not watching this season.

I have to say, that fried chicken used to be my downfall...but now that I've learned new ways to transform my health, the very thought of donations collected from fried chicken to help cure cancer is a joke.

My father died from the most horrific cancer - Throat Cancer.  He couldn't eat or taste food after he started treatment and then he lost his voice and tongue after surgery.  The result, unfortunately he died a few weeks after his surgery.

After my fathers death, I vowed to myself that if I could help make a difference in peoples lives to learn about cancer, then I would do what I could to spread the word.  This year I enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I am learning about holistic nutrition.  

Food is a natural way to heal your body.  I would like for you to check out this video by a guy named Chris who beat cancer with his diet.  He has a great video on why he doesn't race for the cure and I believe it's worth sharing with you.  I have to say that I support his reason.

Check out his website too for great information on how to eat the right foods for cancer.



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